[WHEN YOU HAVE THE RIGHT THINGS, IT BECOMES EASIER TO FIT BETWEEN WORK AND ADVENTURES OF LIFE.] PRODUCT DETAILS: Finalmente un portafoglio/portacarte sottile e leggero completamente Made in Italy.Con il portacarte in carta riciclata resistente all'acqua ed agli strappi potrete portare tutto l'essenziale con voi, occupando il minimo spazio.Leggero, sottile, forte, waterproof, riciclato e riciclabile, Made in Italy: disponibile con diverse combinazioni di cuciture colorate. Finally a wallet / card holder slim and light completely Made in Italy.With the card holder in recycled paper, water-proof  and tear-resistant you can bring all the essentials with you, taking up minimal space.Light, thin, strong, waterproof, recycled and recyclable, Made in Italy: available with different combinations of colored seams.  COLORS: White              Brown              Black              Grey